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Secondary; a Middle School and Secondary College
Construction of the Secondary Middle School will begin in August 2016. The center will cater for years 5-9 or pre IGCSE and will possess all the facilities associated with a first class school serving these levels.
Norwich will include years 5-6 in this facility even though those levels are traditionally associated with Primary as we feel the growing complexity of modern education requires the use of specialist teachers in science, ICT, mathematics and other subjects.
The Secondary College will cater for all students between the years of 10-13 and will use either the British IGCSE system or the International Baccalaureate (IB) The college will be state of the art and house all of those facilities necessary to deliver a first class education.
Again Norwich will depart from the traditional model and as the use of college instead of school suggests and will be developing a more adult based facility resembling those used in universities and colleges. The changing face of education, rapid dissemination of information and the increasing complexity of communication demands that we reassess the function of upper secondary and address the needs of a new generation of enlightened teenagers.



Head of School
Ms. Julia Martinez



AE1 Teacher
Ms. Maria 



AE2 Teacher
Ms. Eileen Tolentino



Thai Teacher
Ms. Somjai Seehajampa



Sports Teacher
Mr. Joe Mark Edama


Mandarin Teacher
Ms. Li Ning








At Norwich International School we wish to provide our Secondary students a stimulating and purposeful curriculum, which will lead to qualifications which are internally recognised for entry into higher education or employment.
We wish to develop a strong sense of identity and community in our Secondary school. Our students will benefit from personalised learning with small class sizes and strong learning support. In addition to the academic curriculum, we also focus on the importance of developing the whole child and supporting them to become responsible members of the community.
Students are assessed regularly throughout Key Stage 3 and their progress is monitored against their target in each subject to ensure they are working to their full potential at all times and working towards their IGCSE courses. At Key Stage 3 (years 7, 8 and 9) we deliver the full curriculum of core and foundation subjects to enable our students to prepare effectively for Key Stage 4. At the end of Key Stage 3 (Year 9) students will be asked to select subjects to study at IGCSE level.
IGCSEs are internationally recognised qualifications, administered by examination boards in England and Wales.
All students in Key Stage 4 study GCSE examination courses: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, and at least one Science subject together with five optional subjects. In addition, they study core subjects: Physical Education, and Thai. The two year courses lead towards IGCSEs which are awarded at the end of Year 11. 
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