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The Board of Governors of Norwich International School


In August 2015 we formed our first formal school board. The board consists of representatives of all the stakeholders in our school and its function is to lead the school forward it an open and fair fashion wherein all the views of these stakeholders can be aired and considered. The board is our big picture leadership team, all issues central to the development of Norwich are discussed here. If you feel as a parent you would like to get involved, please contact the Parent School Committee. New members of our community are always welcome to contact us if they feel they have something to offer the board in terms of experience in education or other fields.


“Norwich International School is a progressive learning environment that challenges young minds to achieve both academic excellence and personal happiness.”

“Whilst focused on developing the most comprehensive of facilities, our goal will always be to foster, in our students, the wish to be tolerant, content and responsible members of society.”



Early Years

Our Early Years students from 2-5 years old are currently housed in our Primary school however; in April 2016.

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Opened in 2014 Norwich International Primary School is housed in a spacious attractive campus covering over 3000 SQM.

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Construction of the Secondary Middle School will begin in August 2016. The center will cater for years 5-9 or pre IGCSE and will possess all the facilities associated with a first class school serving these levels.

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Chinese Language At Norwich International School


Norwich believes that the rapidly growing influence of China in our region should not be underestimated and that for the majority of young people interaction with China through business, their professions, travel, media or other cultural exchanges will form a significant part of their adult lives.
For this reason Norwich made Mandarin Chinese a non elective foreign language to be studied from Kindergarten to IGCSE by all students and that by doing so we believe we will be giving our pupils a distinct career advantage within the Asia Pacific region and beyond.
Mandarin Chinese studies begin in Kindergarten with one hour per week and are expanded to 2 hours per week by year 2. All our fully qualified language teachers are recruited from China and additionally possess the necessary English communication skills to integrate with our international community at the school.
These are additional activities that take place outside of the main stream curriculum of the school. They usually include activities such as extra sports, art or language classes and can be as diverse as Yoga to Pottery class. The purpose of ECA is to allow children to utilize the facilities of the school to maximum effect and to experience classes that are not normally included in the normal school day. ECA takes place from 3.10-4.00PM Monday to Thursday. ECA’s change yearly as our new teachers from the UK bring in new and exciting programs.

Examples of ECA at Norwich

  • Ballet
  • Music Technology
  • Chinese Art
  • Cooking
  • Footballl
  • Piano
  • Veggie Garden
  • Team Building
  • Culture
  • Gree
  • Tennis
  • Mindfulness
Learning Support
Early intervention is critical in the development of effective learning for students who are deemed to require support. Regular assessments of a student’s development, both formal and informal, covering the cognitive, physical and social domains are essential to planning effective intervention and development for the ‘whole child’.
Development during the primary years of education is seen as a process influenced by a number of factors, collaborative support including class/subject teachers, parents and relevant professionals ensures that all relevant factors are taken into consideration.
Interventions at Norwich are designed to decrease risk factors and strengthen resilience provide a firm basis for strong future development along the curriculum attainment levels These mechanisms will be age-appropriate, reflect the growth, interests and talents of the student and will have a long-term impact on the final outcomes in the last years of a student’s education. Students at Norwich are supported as much as possible through an inclusive approach. Where it is deemed appropriate and necessary students may be pulled out 1:1 or in small groups to work on specific learning goals. The level of support is determined on a needs basis.
Norwich International School opened in August 2014 and therefore requires approximately 18 months to prepare for full International Accreditation. We anticipate that the application process will begin in January 2016 and that full accreditation will be achieved before August 2018.
The major accreditation bodies that we plan to apply to are
The Council of International Schools (CIS)
The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
Cambridge International Examinations
Meditation and Yoga are key parts of the Norwich School experience. We include short periods of both for several short periods every day for students and teachers.
Research has shown that both children and adults can benefit from the mental and physical effects of meditation and mindfulness. Yoga is another more physical form of mental self discipline and fitness that promotes concentration and good health.
Mindfulness helps you regulate your emotions and become more focused. As you eat an apple for example you should free you mind from external distraction such as what will happen later in the day or what are the lessons tomorrow. Your entire mind should be directed at the simple act of eating the apple.
This practise when applied to all areas of life will maximise your focus on the task at hand. As you become more in tune with the present you will experience better concentration and more contentment, improved academic performance, better sleep patterns and better social relationships at school.

Residentials Trips


What are residential trips?
These are occasions in the school year when the whole class or year group depart for a location, mostly in Thailand, for between 3 to 5 days for an educational experience that takes them right outside the classroom. The trips provide the opportunity for subjects such as geography and natural history to be experienced firsthand and for the significance of historical or cultural events to be reinforced by visiting the actual place where they took place.
The social implications of the trips is also of great importance as they provide the opportunity for the children to really bond together and experience, perhaps for the first time, the feeling of been away from home and family, but its only for a few days!
Common destinations are National Parks such as Khao Yai or Kraeng Krachan or places of Historical Interest such as Chiang Mai. Other trips might be to the coast in Ranong to study marine life or coastal erosion but all the excursions share a common goal of making the learning feel real and getting to share that experience with your classmates.

Residential trips Year 4

Kanchanaburi 2 nights

As part of the broad experience of Primary and Secondary education that Norwich provides we will be organizing 2-5 day residential visits to a variety of locations relevant to the learning goals of that year group or subject.

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Residential trips Year 5

Kraeng Kachan National Park 2 nights

As part of the broad experience of Primary and Secondary education that Norwich provides we will be organizing 2-5 day residential visits to a variety of locations relevant to the learning goals of that year group or subject.

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Residential trips Year 6

Chiang Mai 4 nightsChiang Mai 4 nights

As part of the broad experience of Primary and Secondary education that Norwich provides we will be organizing 2-5 day residential visits to a variety of locations relevant to the learning goals of that year group or subject.

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