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Kraeng Kachan National Park 2 nights

As part of the broad experience of Primary and Secondary education that Norwich provides we will be organizing 2-5 day residential visits to a variety of locations relevant to the learning goals of that year group or subject.
Destinations can vary from National Parks such as Khao Yai or Kraeng Kachan to cities such as Chiang Mai or Kanchanaburi. The object of all these trips is to bring a practical, hands on learning experience to the pupils wherein they can see physical examples of the subjects they are learning in the classroom.
These trips are often the highlight of the children’s year and help them towards a better understanding of such diverse subjects as Art, Geography, History and Physical Education and promote a deeper understanding of the curriculum by providing first hand direct experiences.
Safety is our major concern on all our trips and all destinations are thoroughly researched beforehand. Norwich teachers and staff will be present at all times and hotels, transport, food and drink are carefully vetted and checked. Every aspect of the trip is subjected to intense scrutiny to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for our pupils from the moment they leave the school to the moment they return.