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Norwich International School

When visiting Norwich you will be given a tour of the school by our Admissions Manager, or one of the team, where you will be shown our facilities and be introduced to the Head of School. A meeting will be arranged with the Head of Primary and Early Years to enable you to find out more about our curriculum and pastoral care systems.

Note: All the necessary information regarding applying for your child to join Norwich can be found in the Guidebook for Admission.


Application forms are available at either the Early Years or Main Office or can be downloaded as they are included in the Guidebook for Admission. After completing the necessary forms, please submit them to the school by email ( or in person. An appointment for a tour of the school to do any relevant entrance testing and to meet with the Head of Primary and Early Years will then be made.

Entrance Testing

Testing with the Head of Primary and Early Years is only necessary for students looking to enter Year 2 and above. The testing is for English/Literacy and Mathematics/Numeracy, takes about 45 minutes and enables the school to obtain information on student strengths and potential areas for development. As it is diagnostic testing, the results are not shared with parents. Although some information gleaned from the testing may be discussed with parents if deemed necessary. For students who do not have English as a first language, the English/Literacy testing will determine the ELS needs. Furthermore, Special Educational Needs (SEN) may also need to be tested or identified.

Offer of a Place

After completing the necessary documentation and signing the Agreement of Enrolment Form the offer of a place at Norwich will be made. This offer will include the name and contact details of the Homeroom teacher, which school House your child is in and the date for your child to start.


Age Chart


Academic Calendar

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Norwich International School

Norwich provides safe modern vehicles with trained drivers to transport your children to and from school. Each bus also has a female bus monitor to oversee behavior safety, who also assists the children on and off the bus. All buses are fitted with seat belts and mobile phones, speed limits are strictly followed and routes planned carefully to make sure the trips are as short and safe as possible.

A transportation service to cater for the needs of families whose children attend the School. The School provides minivans fitted with seat belts and our drivers have been trained in first aid, safety and emergency procedures. All effort has been made to accommodate all our students’ needs. Each minivan carries a Monitor who is responsible for monitoring the behaviour on the minivan, attending to needs of younger children, ensuring safety procedures are adhered to and minimising disturbance to the driver to allow him to concentrate on his driving and road safety. Any behavioural issues will be reported to the Head of Primary or Head of Secondary.


Please contact a member of the front office staff, or call us on 02-451-1100, to get a Transportation Registration Form. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded as it is included in the Guidebook for Admission.

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