Meet the Head of Secondary



Bachelor of Education

Mr Dave Brundage is a secondary school educator with extensive experience in leadership roles. A Canadian and a graduate of McGill University, he spent 10 years working in public schools in the suburbs of Montreal as a Mathematics Teacher, a Department Head and one and a half years as a Vice-Principal in a large high school. His international career began in 2010, when he moved to Tianjin, China, and was there for three years.


For the past seven years, Mr Brundage has been at ACG School Jakarta. While there, he was responsible for the IGCSE programme, as well as the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), from application through authorisation, and the school's very first IBDP graduates in May 2019. As the IBDP Coordinator, he was a member of the school’s Academic Leadership Team.


Throughout his career, he has always been involved with co-curricular activities, coaching a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball and track and field. He is a firm believer in ensuring a multitude of options, both athletic and artistic, are available for students, as such things are excellent opportunities for students to develop important 21st Century Skills such as communication, perseverance and leadership.


Mr Brundage and his wife Anisa are excited about living in Bangkok – one of their favourite cities. They both enjoy travelling and are looking forward to exploring Thailand.