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Mindfulness is essentially the practice of being present in the moment, creating a relaxed and aware state of mind. It’s about noticing and observing emotions and thoughts without judgement, viewing yourself from a place of compassion. Mindfulness practice can include anything from yoga to meditation and can even be done during mundane tasks. Practicing mindfulness is all about being aware of the present moment – your thoughts, your feelings or sensations in your body. Mindfulness can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Research has shown that everyone can benefit from the mental and physical effects of meditation and mindfulness. As you become more in tune with the present you will experience an ability to have better concentration and a general feeling of contentment. These things can improve academic performance, create better sleep patterns and foster better social relationships at school.

The Mindfulness of Norwich curriculum can be best described as the development and attainment of the following:

  • Kindness – being friendly, generous and considerate.
  • Gratitude – being thankful and showing appreciation.
  • Consciousness – awareness of internal and external existence.
  • Wisdom – having experience, knowledge and good judgment.
  • Happiness – the sense of wellbeing, joy or contentment.
Note: for Gratitude, the Thai teachers throughout Norwich take a lead on maintaining, fostering and developing Thai manners and cultural expectations. This is within the formal curriculum and overseen by Kru Yai, Dr Aniya Apirapakon.

There is one Mindfulness of Norwich lesson each week, which would normally follow the weekly Mindfulness of Norwich Focus and is taught in English by Homeroom teachers in Early Years and Primary and Secondary will use many other opportunities throughout the week to further the awareness of the week’s Mindfulness of Norwich Focus.

Examples of Mindfulness of Norwich Focus:

  • Term 1 Week 1 is – Making others feel welcome.
  • Term 1 Week 2 is – Be kind.
  • Term 1 Week 3 is – Help others.