Our teachers are highly passionate and enthusiastic about the students and their progress. They have studied at universities across the world and they all possess either a Bachelor's degree in Education or a specialist degree with a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (or equivalent), giving them Qualified Teacher Status in the United Kingdom.

Opened in 2015 our Primary is housed in a spacious attractive campus covering over 3,000 m².
  • Spacious well-appointed classrooms

  • Library and Computer Suite

  • Science laboratory

  • International standard dining hall

  • Specialist Thai and Mandarin rooms

  • Indoor and outdoor play areas

  • Flood-lit football and sports pitch

  • Home Economics kitchen

Mr Josh Carr, our Head of Primary, takes you on a tour of Primary.

Our Teachers

Meet the Head of Primary


Mr Joshua Carr

Head of Primary

Bachelor of Education (Hons)

Mr Josh Carr moved to Norwich after working in schools in the United Kingdom, Thailand and China. He embarked on his teaching career while at University in Liverpool, but knew that he wanted to become a teacher from a much younger age, his passion for seeing enthusiastic students enjoying every moment of school, while making great strides towards their goals, is the reason he will continue his career in education until he retires.


Mr Josh is now into his second year at Norwich and has enjoyed being part of a team that strives to further improve every aspect of the school. Now in the role of Head of Primary he is looking forward to developing the school further and ensuring that Norwich is one of the leading British international schools in Asia.


After many years travelling Asia, Mr Josh has worked in and visited a number of countries but has returned to Thailand, as he feels that it is the destination where he would like to build a family with his fiancée, who is also a teacher working in another International school in Bangkok. He looks forward to exploring more of the country he has adopted as his second home and working closely with the Thai and International community at Norwich.


Mr Josh is not only passionate about our school, but he also enjoys a variety of sports from football to wakeboarding and has gained extra coaching qualifications in kayaking and canoeing. As well as sports, Mr Josh enjoys travelling and visiting other countries where he enjoys tasting a variety of cuisines but has yet to find one as delicious as Thai food.

Sone Y1.JPG

Ms Soné Hurn
Year 1 - Squirrels Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of Arts 


Jorge Y1.JPG

Mr Jorge Aguiar
Year 1 - Cats Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of Education

Neil Y2.JPG

Mr Neil Hutton
Year 2 - Bears Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of Arts 

Bachelor of Education


Emma Y3.JPG

Ms Emma Chaitongkao
Year 3 - Owls Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of science



Ms Katherine Simpson
Year 4 - Whale Sharks Homeroom Teacher
Bachelor of Arts

Year 4.JPG

Mr Bryan Preston
Year 5 - Tigers Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


Thomas Y5.JPG

Mr Tom Stacey
Year 6 - Crocodiles Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Education (Hons)

Specialist Teachers
Thai Pang.jpg

Ms Supaluk Aorsunton

Thai Teacher

Bachelor of Arts

Somjai Thau.JPG

Ms Somjai Seehajampa

Thai Teacher

Bachelor of Arts


Ms Natchawee Tanitsantipong

Thai Teacher

Bachelor of Arts

Pim Thai.JPG

Ms Pimchanok Nilviwak

Thai Teacher

Bachelor of Arts

Chiness EY.JPG

Ms Xiaomei Guo
Mandarin Teacher

Bachelor of Preschool Education

Joy chiness.JPG

Ms Li Ning
Mandarin Teacher

Bachelor of Education


Mr Wei Yuankai
Mandarin Teacher

Bachelor of Tourism Development

Master of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Janeille music.JPG

Ms Janeille Llenado

Music Teacher

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts


Geoge PE.JPG

Mr George Towers

Sport & Games Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Hons)



Ms Honey Lou Canate

Sport & Games Teacher

Bachelor of Science

Polly Art.JPG

Ms Polleana Munoz

Special Educational Needs and Art Teacher

Bachelor of Arts 


Ms Eileen Tolentino

English Language Support Teacher

Bachelor of Elementary Education


Ms Ivy Night

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Bachelor of Elementary Education


Libraly PY.JPG

Ms Jeannilyn Bajan

Librarian and English Language Support Teacher

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Honey LibralyEY.JPG

Ms Honey Grace Palomero

Librarian and English Language Support Teacher

Bachelor of Secondary Education


Mr Ryan Allan

English Language Support Teacher

Bachelor of Arts,
Professional Educator License (USA)


Him Mindful.JPG

Mr Boontanan Temcharoensaap

Mindfulness Teacher

Jim Mind Ful.JPG

Ms Nizphasa Temcharoensaap

Mindfulness Teacher



Our curriculum at Norwich is based on the National Curriculum for England, Wales and Northern Ireland adapted to our international setting and our Values. We enhance the curriculum with a provision for mindfulness and with a deliberate focus on Mandarin. Students in Primary (Years 1 to 6) access Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum.


The Homeroom teachers in Primary deliver the English, Mathematics, ICT and Connected Learning (Geography, History and Science) aspects of the National Curriculum, augmented with specialist teachers of Thai, Mandarin, Music, Art, Physical Education / Swimming and Mindfulness. Each Friday morning there is also an Assembly.

The specialist lessons in Primary are:

Years 1 to 4 - 11 specialist lessons: 5 periods of Thai, 3 periods of Mandarin, 2 periods of Sport & Games / Swimming, 1 period of Music, with Mindfulness being taught by the Homeroom teacher throughout the week.


Years 5 and 6 - 13 specialist lessons: 5 periods of Thai, 4 periods of Mandarin, 2 periods of Sport & Games / Swimming, 1 period of both Music and Art, with Mindfulness being taught by the Homeroom teacher throughout the week.


Of interest to parents and students is our Primary Curriculum Guide for 2021-2022, which can be found here


More information about Key Stage 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum can be found here


After School Activities (ASAs) - the purpose of ASAs are to allow students to utilise the facilities of the school to maximum effect and to experience classes that are not normally included in the normal school day. These are additional activities that take place outside of the mainstream curriculum of the school. They usually include activities such as sports, art, yoga, robotics, cooking, language classes and much, much more. ASAs take place from 3.10-3.50 pm Monday to Thursday.

Norwich Music Academy - students are able to participate in two levels of tuition, which are paid for separately by parents and operate in 10 week blocks each term. 

  • Trinity College London Tutorials 
    For serious musicians, who must show dedication and commitment, looking to progress through the grading system with Trinity College London. With external professional providers. More information can be found here.

  • Music for Enjoyment
    Learning the fundamentals and enjoying the process of developing musical abilities. With Norwich staff. More information can be found here.

Norwich Sports Academy - Primary and Secondary students are able to participate in a coordinated programme of sport provision. Each term a number of sports will be offered every day after school, the timing being 3.00 to 4.30pm. More information can be found here.

Learning Support - at Norwich we have specialised provision for both English Language Support (ELS) and Special Educational Needs (SEN). Full details are available upon enquiry or can be found in the Guidebook for Admission.

Education Outside the Classroom - all students have the opportunity to go on trips related to their curriculum studies during the year. There are usually around 3 trips each year for the students, where the actual frequency, timing and type of trip will be dependent upon the age of the children. Students from Year 2 (who have an overnight experience in the Library) and above are expected to take part in a residential camp of some kind. At Norwich the experience for the students, in terms of challenge, duration and expectation, gradually increases as they get older. Common destinations for residential camps are National Parks such as Khao Yai or Kraeng Krachan or places of Historical Interest such as Chiang Mai.