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School Fees

Tuition Fees Information for Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Payment of any invoice for fees or other charges will be made by the due date will comes with overdue payment penalty as outlined in the Student Admission Policy.


School Fees Document distributed to everyone upon visit. This is an Online Version of the document. Click here to view the document version.

New Applicants

In addition to the termly tuition fees and incidental fees, the school applies the following initial charges during the application process. These fees and the first term tuition fees must be paid prior to a new applicant starting his/her first term

Enrolment Fees

One Time
First Child
(one-time, non-refundable)
Second Child
(one-time, non-refundable)
Subsequent Children
(one-time, non-refundable)

Refundable Deposit

One Time
One-Off Payment
(fully refundable)

Tuition & Additional Required Fees

Tuition Fees are subjected to be adjusted per year basis, and there will be an announcement regarding to the change annually. Keep in contact with the school to be notified when the tuition fee adjustment will be made.

Fees Per Term Per Year
Application / Testing Fee - 3,000
Tuition Fee 140,600 421,800
Lunch and Snacks 10,200 30,600
Field Trip - 2,000
Total School Fees 150,800 454,400
FeesPer TermPer Year
Application / Testing Fee-5,000
Tuition Fee164,400493,200
Lunch and Snacks10,80032,400
Field Trip-2,000
Total School Fees175,200527,600
FeesPer TermPer Year
Application / Testing Fee-5,000
Tuition Fee176,300528,900
Lunch and Snacks11,20033,600
Field Trip-2,000
Total School Fees187,500564,500
FeesPer TermPer Year
Application / Testing Fee-6,000
Tuition Fee188,200564,600
Lunch and Snacks11,80035,400
Field Trip-2,000
Total School Fees200,000602,000
FeesPer TermPer Year
Application / Testing Fee-6,000
Tuition Fee191,100573,300
Lunch and Snacks12,20036,600
Field Trip-2,000
Total School Fees203,300611,900
FeesPer TermPer Year
Application / Testing Fee-6,000
Tuition Fee286,600573,200
Lunch and Snacks18,80037,600
Field Trip-2,000
Total School Fees305,400612,800
FeesPer TermPer Year
Application / Testing Fee-6,000
Tuition Fee300,800601,600
Lunch and Snacks18,80037,600
Field Trip-2,000
Total School Fees319,600641,200


A 5% discount on the Tuition fee is applied for a full year (or more) payment at the start of the academic year, if paid by the advertised deadline.

Discount Rate
Second Child
10% discount on Tuition Fee
Subsequent Child
15% discount on Tuition Fee

English Language Support (ELS) & Special Educational Needs (SEN) Fees

For students who are assessed to need ELS or SEN as it is vital that students who need extra assistance in being able to access the curriculum, manage their behaviour or receive supplemental support beyond the curriculum are provided this support if they are to succeed at NIS.

ELS LevelPer Term 
ELS Level 125,500(if required)
ELS Level 216,500(if required)
ELS Level 39,200(if required)
As per to Special Educational Needs Provision

Oxford National Curriculum Testing & Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) Fees

Year 2 to 6
(End of the year)
1,500Grammar, Punctuation,
Spelling, Mathematics and Reading
Year 7
(Start of the year)
1,500The Middle Years Information System
(MidYIS) assessment
Year 9
(End of the year)
3,500Checkpoint (English, Mathematics,
Science and Global Perspectives)
Year 10
(Start of the year)
3,500The Year Eleven Indicator System
(Yellis) assessment
Year 11
(End of the year)
5,600IGCSE Examination Entry Fee
Year 12 and 13
(End of the year)
5,600AS/A Level Examination Entry Fee

Transportation Fees

A transportation service to cater for the needs of families whose children attend the School. Please contact a member of the front office staff, or call us on 02-451-1100, to get a Transportation Registration Form.

Per Term
Rama 2 Route
Rama 2 Route
Rama 3 Route
Rama 3 Route

Method of Payment

In Cash

By Credit Card

By Bank Transfer

Please wire transfer or make a deposit to the following:

Account Name
Account Number
Bank Name


Swift Code
Bank Address

Norwich Bangkok Co, Ltd
Kasikorn Bank
Bank code: 004
Si Yaek Saphan Krungthep
Branch code: 0066
99 Rama 3 Road, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120

All fees are to be paid within the stipulated period in the invoice.
All late payments will be subject to the penalty fee of 150 baht per day.

If term fees are not paid punctually the school will: