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Visiting Norwich

Our campus is open to visitors from 9:00am to 2:00pm (Mon – Fri) only during normal school day, excluding public holidays.

When visiting Norwich you will be given a tour of the school by our Admissions Manager, or one of the team, where you will be shown our facilities and be introduced to the Head of School. A meeting will be arranged with the Head of Primary and Early Years to enable you to find out more about our curriculum and pastoral care systems.

Tours are best experienced during the weekdays when students are on campus and normal school day is ongoing.


All the necessary information regarding school normal operating day can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Open House

Although we do not regularly organise open morning events in order to allocate our resources towards providing parents with personalized tours, we wish to assure you that when we do choose to host such an occasion, we will diligently publicise information through our social media. This will afford you the opportunity to express your interest and participate in our exclusive open day. During these events, you will have the privilege of directly engaging with our dedicated leadership team and acquiring valuable insights into our curriculum. We kindly request you to stay tuned for updates on our social media channels.