Early Years

Our outstanding Early Years building is purposefully
designed to meet the needs of our young learners and
spans over 2,000 m² including:

  • Safe well-appointed classrooms
  • Internet, touch screen and interactive learning throughout
  • Dedicated Early Years Library
  • Purpose-built art and craft rooms for all years levels
  • Dance and drama studios
  • Separate and purpose built play areas for all years levels
  • Swimming pool and splash play area
  • Outdoor learning area and sports pitch
Ms Jessica Duvall, our Head of Early Years, takes you on a tour of Early Years.

Our Teachers

Meet the Head of Early Years


Ms Jessica Duvall

Head of Early Years

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Master of Business Administration


​Ms Jessica Duvall is our Head of Early Years, she is from the United States and has lived abroad and worked within the international education sector for over eleven years.  Her experience spans many parts of the world such as China, Malawi, Australia and Romania. Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and Masters Degree from the US as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education from the UK.   


Early childhood education provides the building blocks upon which children can shape their future. Ms Jessica strongly believes in promoting a love of learning to establish a strong foundation for lifelong education. In her opinion early childhood education should provide children with the academic, social and emotional tools which they can use to grow and develop into effective learners with a well-rounded worldwide outlook. Early learning should be fun, exciting and educational. As a long time Early Years professional Ms Jessica strives to achieve the best possible learning environment to enable each child to feel safe to explore, initiate learning, and free to express themselves. She models respect, kindness, patience and compassion for students and staff at our school.


She has been with our school since August 2018 and is excited about being part of the continued development and growth of Norwich International School. Ms Jessica prides herself on building a positive atmosphere for children and identifies that strong parent communication is a key to having successful learners inside a classroom.


A longtime resident in Bangkok, she always enjoys learning about Thai culture and exploring new places in Thailand. Outside of the classroom Ms Jessica likes travelling with friends, practicing yoga, as well as hiking snowcapped mountains.


Ms Jessica Duvall
Nursery - Dolphins Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Master of Business Administration


Hazel K.JPG

Ms Hazel Power
Kindergarten - Elephants Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


Shanya K.JPG

Ms Shayna Henderson 
Kindergarten - Ducklings Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of Arts


Park R.JPG

Ms Nicole Park

Reception - Rabbits Homeroom Teacher
Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Razia R.JPG

Ms Razia Bashir
Reception - Butterflies Homeroom Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Hons)


Specialist Teachers
Pim Thai.JPG

Ms Pimchanok Nilviwak

Thai Teacher

Bachelor of Arts

Chiness EY.JPG

Ms Xiaomei Guo
Mandarin Teacher

Bachelor of Preschool Education

Janeille music.JPG

Ms Janeille Llenado

Music Teacher

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts


Geoge PE.JPG

Mr George Towers

Sport & Games Teacher

Bachelor of Science (Hons)



Ms Honey Lou Canete

Sport & Games Teacher

Bachelor of Science


Ms Ivy Night

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Honey LibralyEY.JPG

Ms Honey Grace Palomero

Librarian and English Language Support Teacher

Bachelor of Secondary Education

Him Mindful.JPG

Mr Boontanan Temcharoensaap

Mindfulness Teacher

Jim Mind Ful.JPG

Ms Nizphasa Temcharoensaap

Mindfulness Teacher


Early Years

Our curriculum at Norwich is based on the National Curriculum for England, Wales and Northern Ireland, adapted to our international setting and our Values. We enhance the curriculum with a provision for mindfulness and with a deliberate focus on Mandarin. Students in Early Years at Norwich specifically follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which sets standards for development and care for children to 5 years old.

Playdate is a time, usually two or three mornings per week, where parents can bring their babies and toddlers to spend time together, play, sing and enjoy our facilities.

Our point of entry for formal learning is Nursery, which is for children turning 3 during the academic year (between 1st September and 31stAugust of the following year). Kindergarten is for children turning 4 during the academic year and Reception is for children turning 5 during the academic year.

The Homeroom teachers oversee the delivery of the Prime Areas and Specific Areas of the EYFS, with specialist teachers augmenting the provision as appropriate. 


The specialist lessons in Early Years are:

Nursery – 5 specialist lessons: Mindfulness, Thai, Mandarin, Water Play, Sport & Games and Music. The students have nap/quiet time, an afternoon break and finish their day at 2.45pm.


Kindergarten – 8 specialist lessons: Mindfulness, Sport & Games, Water Play, Music and 2 periods of both Thai and Mandarin. Students may have nap/quiet time initially (if needed) during Term 1, an afternoon break and finish their day at 3.00pm.


Reception – 8 specialist lessons: Mindfulness, Sport & Games, Swimming, Music and 2 periods of both Thai and Mandarin. Students have an afternoon break and finish their day at 3.00pm.

Of interest to parents and students is our Early Years Curriculum Guide 2020-2021 which can be found here.


More information about the EYFS can be found here

After School Activities (ASAs) – these are for Kindergarten and Reception students only. The purpose of ASAs are to allow children to utilise the facilities of the school to maximum effect and to experience classes that are not normally included in the normal school day. These are additional activities that take place outside of the mainstream curriculum of the school. They usually include activities such as sports, art, yoga, robotics, cooking, language classes and much, much more. ASAs take place from 3.10-3.50 pm Monday to Thursday.


Learning Support - at Norwich we have specialised provision for both English Language Support (ELS) and Special Educational Needs (SEN). Full details are available upon enquiry or can be found in the Guidebook for Admission.


Education Outside the Classroom - all students have the opportunity to go on trips related to their curriculum studies during the year. There are usually around 3 trips each year for the students, where the actual frequency, timing and type of trip will be dependent upon the age of the children.